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5 Tips to a Cleaner Flight This Summer

Going somewhere nice this summer? Well some people would be surprised to find out that sometimes our flying experiences are not as sanitary as you might hope.

Airlines are under pressure to increase their turnaround times, and of course our safety is their priority, so turnaround times are generally spent making safety checks, at the expense of making sure your little space on the plane is clean and sanitized.

We have put together a few tips for you, to help minimise any risk of you picking up any nasty germs when you head to away on your hols.

  1. Don’t use the headphones they provide
    • you may get the impression that they are all clean because they came in a plastic bag, but in all honesty they will only have had a light touch clean, so best take your own headphones.
  2. Don’t use the pillows or blankets provided
    • again, at your own peril, they will have been used by someone else, I know someone who got pink eye from using a pillow on the plane, true story.  Safer to take your own pillow from home.
  3. Always wash your hands
    • Washing hands before your meals and after going to the loo is so important.  People tend to grab on to the corners of peoples seats when walking down isles.  Imagine how grubby these are from people who didn’t have the courtesy to wash after the trip to the toilet.
  4. Sanitise! Sanitise! Sanitise! 
    • Take alcohol hand sanitiser with and wipe everything, your tray table, your arm rest everything.  And use it every time you use the toilet.
  5. Don’t walk around bare foot
    • The carpets on planes are very rarely cleaned, so by walking bare foot you are exposing your feet to millions of harmful bacteria.

If you take all of this on board (pun intended) you will be sure to have a happy healthy holiday!