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Customer Promise

Customer service and loyalty are 2 areas that we take very seriously at The Candyman Cleaning Company. We have a dedicated team who will look after you throughout every part of your experience with us. We believe you deserve our undivided attention.  We will keep in contact

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Environmentally Friendly

We want the best for our planet at The Candyman Cleaning Company, we believe that everyone has to do their part to help the environment, so, as a business we do not just offer elements of environmentally friendly products and services. It’s in the way we work

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Come and Work with Us

The Candyman Cleaning Company are always looking for new talent in all areas of the business.  We would love for you to come to our offices and meet us, we offer a training programme that you will required to attend before you are sent our with our

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Training Programme

At The Candyman Cleaning Company we take pride in the fact that all our staff are trained and certified. This means that, unlike some of our competitors, all our staff are industry qualified in Commercial Cleaning techniques. This in turn allows us to successfully and effectively transfer

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