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Politeness Policy

Politeness Policy

At The Candyman Cleaning Company we take the treatment of other beings very seriously.  We are for the well being of all animals (including human), we care for the environment, and we have a policy of treating others how we would like to be treated.

As a Customer or an Employee we expect the same from you, so we would like to introduce you to our Politeness Policy.

Occasionally unforeseen circumstances occur, if and when they do we would like to re iterate the following points.

If any one of these points are violated, The Candyman Cleaning Company reserve the right to cancel any job at short notice, and you will be charged the full amount for the clean.  Your calls and emails maybe recorded and used as evidence.

  • If any of our staff feel threatened by attitude
  • If any of our staff feel threatened by tone of voice (this includes shouting)
  • If foul language is used
  • If a condescending tone is taken

We would like to refer you again to this point in our Terms & Conditions:

12. Treatment of our Staff

  • Please treat us the way you would like to be treated, we are not servants and we do not deserve to be treated as such.   We are just humble individuals trying to make a living.  The Candyman Cleaning Company will not tolerate any threatening, violent or offensive behaviour against its staff in person or on the telephone.  Any person behaving in such a manner will be liable to have their job cancelled without refund or at full charge if not paid in advance.  The Candyman Cleaning Company also reserves the right to report any such actions to the police if we consider it to be necessary.